Welcome to Fully Automated Technologies :3

We're a team of engineers building (not only) Open Hardware and Software products.
If you have an interesting idea or want a customised product based on one of our designs you can contact us for consulting.

Our Projects


We have a short overview and more details about most of our open source hardware here.


Publicly we're mostly working on firmware for our electronics, but we're also releasing tools we develop along the way on GitHub. Apart from that, our biggest Software project we develop is EDeA, a sub-circuit sharing hub for Open Hardware.

Our Vision

Our vision is accessible, well documented, community-focused hardware and software technologies. We aim to create building blocks for makers and professional engineers alike.
Until now, many components like advanced battery management systems, or easy-to-use universal bidirectional DC/DC converters were outside the realm of many hobbyists - either due to affordability, or lack of documentation. Our current focus is on systems delivering power in many ways. In the future we plan to create tools to research new technologies like a FPGA-based EtherCAT/100Base-T1 platform or a state-of-the-art three-phase motor controller.
We are also open to help with your projects in our area of expertise, in a mutually beneficial way.

Contact Us

If you have questions, or you know how to save the world, we're happy to receive emails from you! Reach us at hi AT fullyautomated dot ee or find us on mastodon and birdsite!