Front view of the CANesys PCB
Back view of the CANesys PCB

CANesys is a buck triple channel constant current LED driver. It is designed for nominal 48-V bus supply (max 60 V) and up to 1 A per output channel, with possiblity to reduce this using analog and PWM dimming. It has CAN as control interface, with additional UART and I²C. It also has a footprint for ambient light sensor, WS2812-compatible LED strips (up to 1 A output at 5 V) and 3 PIR sensor inputs, which makes movement direction detection possible. Besides, it has input for a hall-effect based opening sensor or conventional light switch, and 2 other user-programmable buttons.

This board was designed to drive our 36-W ceiling- or wall-mounted LED panels. It can also be used to drive strings of medium power RGB LEDs. The LED driver ICs are LM3414HV, and the microcontroller is an STM32F072. This is powered through a 3.3-V LDO, which itself is fed from 5 V, provided by an SY8502. As additional feature, the board has input voltage sense and current sense for power consumption measurement and reporting. It also has a load switch for supplying additional 48-V consumers on demand.